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EP. #2.13

#2.13 - "Between Order and Randomness"
Prod. #2T5263 (Original Air Date - 2/8/2005)
After Lucas receives his medical test results he decides to move in with Dan, straining his relationships with both Karen and Nathan. When musical guest stars Michelle Branch & Jessica Harp from the band "The Wreckers" perform at TRIC, Haley's passion for music is reignited. Meanwhile, Brooke runs for student council president, but quickly realizes she is taking on more than she bargained for. Peyton and Jake's friendship grows stronger.

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Buy Now"Trapped In" - Division of Laura Lee
Album: Black City (Epitaph)
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Felix takes pictures of Brooke for her Student Council President campaign posters.
No Cover Available"Want You To Come Over" - Jim McGorman

Lucas tells Karen his HCM test results and that he wants to move in with Dan.
Buy Now"Alright" - Pilate
Album: Caught By the Window (Universal Int'l)
Official Site: http://www.pilate.com

Scene: Keith goes to talk to Karen about his engagement to Jules.
No Cover Available"Lost My Way" - Face

Scene: Karen talks to Andy about Lucas' decision to move in with Dan and Keith's engagement. Brooke ask Lucas what she should do about the school campaign rumors and Peyton gives the great news that The Wreckers will play at TRIC.
Buy Now"Broken" - Dalton Grant
Album: Opium
Official Site: http://www.daltongrant.com
Listen: Download Clip
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Scene: Haley arrives at TRIC and ask Peyton to take her backstage to meet Michelle Branch.

This song is also heard in episode #2.18.
Buy Now"When It Comes" - Tyler Hilton
Album: The Tracks Of (Maverick)
Official Site: http://www.tylerhilton.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/tylerhilton
Listen: Download
MP3 (right click + "save target as")

Scene: Chris is strumming on his guitar in the recording studio when Nathan stops by.

This song is also heard in episode #2.10.
This artist is also heard in episodes #2.06, #2.08, #2.09, #2.10, #2.12, #2.22, #3.13 & #4.17.
BUY NOW"The Good Kind" - The Wreckers (Jessica Harp & Michelle Branch)
Album: Music From The WB Television Series One Tree Hill (Maverick)
Official Site: http://www.maverick.com/onetreehill

Scene: The Wreckers perform. This is also the song they were singing acapella when Haley met them backstage. This song is exclusively on the One Tree Hill soundtrack.

This band is also heard in episode #2.23.
Buy Now"She Has No Time" - Keane
Album: Hopes & Fears (Interscope Records)
Official Site: http://www.keanemusic.com

This song is heard during the usual montage of scenes that close the episode.

This artist is also heard in episode #2.02.

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