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EP. #2.15

#2.15 - "Unopened Letter To The World"
Prod. #2T5265 (Original Air Date - 2/22/2005)
When Tree Hill High does a time capsule project, the gang confesses their most intimate secrets to an anonymous video camera. Nathan's anger over Haley's absence continues to grow, landing both Lucas and Nathan in jail. Peyton and Jake's feelings for each other heat up, while Felix throws Brooke a party to celebrate her new gig as student body president. Meanwhile, when brought to court, Lucas opts to live with Dan and Deb rather than Karen.

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Buy Now"Where Happiness Lives" - Magnet
Album: On Your Side (Artist Direct/BMG)
Official Site: http://www.homeofmagnet.com

Jake meets up with Peyton to tell her he can't live with her anymore. Karen talks to Andy about the situation with Dan and Lucas. Lucas gives Brooke a present.
Buy Now"Genius" - Inara George
Album: All Rise (Everloving)
Official Site: http://www.inarageorge.com

Brooke helps Peyton decided on a outfit for her date with Jake.

NOTE: Inara is formerly of the band Merrick.
Buy Now"I Predict A Riot" - Kaiser Chiefs
Album: Employment (B-Unique)
Official Site: http://www.kaiserchiefs.net

Scene: Felix throws a party for Brooke to congratulate her win as Student Council President.
Buy Now"Club Foot" - Kasabian
Album: Kasabian (RCA)
Official Site: http://www.kasabian.co.uk

Scene: Nathan takes Lucas' car for a drive and lands himself in trouble with the cops.
"Do You Feel Love" - People People

Scene: Jake's time capsule testimonial and fades into Peyton and Jake's date.
"Enjoy" (Instrumental) - Teen Machine
Official Site: http://www.teenmachine.net

Mouth and Anna go to the high school to record over Anna's time capsule testimonial.

This artist is also heard in episode #2.09.
Buy Now"Flying High" - Jem
Album: Finally Woken (ATO)
Official Site: http://www.jem-music.net

Scene: Mouth and Anna watch Brooke's testimonial.
Buy Now"Looking For Love" - Michelle Featherstone
Album: All Acoustic
Official Site: http://www.michellefeatherstone.com

Scene: Peyton and Jake make out in her room. Dan talks to Jules at the church.

This artist is also heard in episodes #1.21, #2.17, #3.02, #3.14 & #3.16.
Buy Now"Deep" (Instrumental) - Citizen Cope
Album: The Clarence Greenwood Recordings (RCA)
Official Site: http://www.citizencope.com

Scene: Lucas goes to Nathan's apartment after they're bailed out. Felix stops by Brooke's room.

This artist is also heard in episode #2.10 & #2.19.
Buy Now"You've Changed" - Bettie Serveert
Album: Attagirl (Minty Fresh)
Official Site: http://www.bettieserveert.com

Scene: CODA - End montage of scenes

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