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EP. #2.20

#2.20 - "Lifetime Piling Up"
Prod. #2T5270 (Original Air Date - 5/10/2005)
Following a racecar accident, Nathan dreams of what life would have been like if Dan had stayed with Karen and Lucas instead of marrying Deb. In this imaginary world, Lucas would have had the wealth and stature and Nathan would have been the one to grow up on the wrong side of the tracks. 

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Buy Now"Hard To Love A Man" - Magnolia Electric Co.
Album: What Comes After the Blues (Secretly Canadian)
Official Site: http://www.magnoliaelectricco.com

Scene: Lucas wakes up, puts on his headphones and goes downstairs to the kitchen.

NOTE: Jason Molina, the main guy behind Magnolia Electric Co. use to be in Songs: ohia, that was heard in episodes #1.00 & #1.17. Confusing thing? They released the CD Magnolia Electric Co. in '03.
Buy Now"Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional
Album: A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar (Vagrant)
Official Site: http://www.dashboardconfessional.com

Lucas nearly crashes his car into Nathan, who's on foot.

This song is also heard in episode #1.00.
This band is also heard in episode #1.18.
Buy Now"Holdin' On" - Billy Livesay
Album: Little Bit of Hurt
Official Site: http://www.billylivesay.com

Scene: Plays when Nathan visits his mom at her bar, "Deb's Den."
Request a CD"Do You Want To Party With Me?" - Bosshouse
Album: Male Alt Rock Series 2
Official Site: http://www.bosshousemusic.com
Listen: Download Clip
(right click + "save target as")

Scene: Nathan, Deb and Haley talk at the bar.

This band is also heard in episodes #1.01, #1.06, #1.15, #1.19 & #2.23.
No Cover Available"Transform" - Aeon Spoke
Official Site: http://www.aeonspoke.com

Lucas stops by Peyton's place, and they indulge in an argument about Nathan.
Buy Now"What It Is To Burn" - Finch
Album: What It Is To Burn (Drive-Thru)
Official Site: http://www.finchmusic.com

Scene: Heard during the rivercourt scenes in the game between Nathan and Lucas.

This song is also heard in episode #1.00.
Buy Now"Rest  In Pieces" - Saliva
Album: Back Into Your System (Def Jam)
Official Site: http://www.saliva.com

Scene: Plays after Nathan makes the winning basket.

This song is also heard in episode #1.00.
Buy Now"Hold You In My Arms" - Ray Lamontagne
Album: Trouble (RCA)
Official Site: http://www.raylamontagne.com

Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

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